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Shot Pro

  • 13MP rear camera with 6 lenses and F1.8 aperture

  • OIS
  • Double LED Flash
  • SonyTM Stacked CMOS sensor

13MP rear camera with 6 lenses and F1.8 aperture

The 13MP camera has 6 lenses with F1.8 aperture, which has 1.5 times the light get through the lenses of F2.2 aperture. With the Xshot, colorful pictures in high quality and definition can be presented even in dim light.

OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)

The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) device carried by the Xshot camera makes the photograph you take sharp and clear even when in moving.

Double LED Flash

With a combination of two LED lights, one flashes cool color light and the other does warm color light, the Xshot detects the luminance and color temperature of circumstance, simultaneously adjusts the two independent LED lights, and then flashes light close to natural when taking pictures. Pictures taken in this way would appear more real and natural.


SonyTM Stacked CMOS sensor

Carrying a SonyTM Stacked CMOS sensor IMX214, the Xshot camera can effectively reduce the noise of pictures taken in dim light. It is more than capable of taking amazing pictures whether at night or against shinning light.


Smart shot

  • Quick shot
  • Bokeh Mode
  • Children Mode
  • Msport Mode

Quick shot

In any condition, whether in standby, black screen, or running other applications, the camera will quickly starts and takes five continuous pictures when you double click the shutter.

Bokeh Mode

In the Bokeh Mode, the Xshot takes a photograph that highlights the focused subject and blurs the background as a DSLR camera does.

Children Mode

In the Children Mode engineered for parents, the Xshot makes some interesting sounds to attract children and then takes a quick shot when they look at the camera.

Night Mode

Introducing one of the most advanced processing methods of shot in dim light to smart phone, the Xshot takes colorful and clear pictures of night scenes with the help of the technology of composing six pictures taken in one time.

Msport Mode

Msport Mode

In the MSport Mode, presented by Xshot, the camera will take a picture, which is exactly what you want, at the time 0.3s before you click the shutter.

Perfect Selfie

  • 8MP Front Camera
  • Front LED Flash
  • Face Beauty

8MP Front Camera

At 8MP, the Xshot has a powerful front camera that takes more detailed and clear pictures.

Front LED Flash

The Xshot has a front LED light that flashes soft light to prevent pictures from being too dark in dim light.

Face Beauty

In the Face Beauty Mode of front camera, the Xshot provides several previews of your face in different styles of makeup.

Video Pro

  • HD Video
  • Video Pro
  • Fun video

HD Video

The Xshot can capture videos in resolution of 3840*2160 pixels, which is in amazingly high definition and quality.

Video Pro

With AF Lock and AE Lock, the Video Pro Mode presented by the Xshot makes your video more professional

Fun Video

To have fun with videos, the Xshot can capture videos in slow motion and fast motion.

Extreme Hi-Fi

Carrying an exclusive Hi-Fi DAC chip CS4398, the Xshot presents a comfortable and detailed sound in high quality and fidelity, with the help of a Headphone Amplifier chip MX97220 and an ADC chip TLV320.